Cristian ONEATA

2000 - 2010 Research


Apple Air Shape

+ Taste, Scent, Touch, Sound, Semiotics

Since 2000, symbol of professional concern in order to achive ability in designing first space between buildings. In 2002 got its present geometry and in 2008 was cut into pieces.


1998 Imagination Exercise 4th year student at UAIM Bucharest

All we have ever seen was initially a sketch on a piece of paper. Except nature, but is very rare to see an authentic natural space. Even parks were initially a sketch on paper. How should these sketches have been started in order for everything to be different now, without recourse to new technologies, new materials, new colors?!

If you fill with water any building, freeze the water and then extract the ice, you’ll see in the ice forms the architect intention to design interior spaces.

(in 2009, Octav AVRAMESCU showed me 1993 "House" artwork of Rachel WHITEREAD, that is the best "picture" of above line)

If you submerge any city area, freeze the water and then extract the ice mould, you’ll see in the ice some recognizable missing volumes, the building shapes, and the architects intention to design objects.

(you could consider that buildings shapes as 1997 Rachel WHITEREAD books in "Untitled (Paperbacks)")

So, the space between buildings was never designed! 

(only in 2010 I discover 1975 Rob KRIER space between buildings morphology, i beleive that was the first step into designing space between buildings)