Cristian ONEATA



Born in Bucharest in October 1975, the very year in which Robert KRIER first publish "Urban Space", Cristian ONEATA soon discover passion in graphics and geometry. Is drawn to understand dynamics of society or individuals and elect different approaches in various actions in order to discover better.

Later, during study architecture at ION MINCU University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, stopped seeking for each project an unique ideea and began to inquire the unique element in architecture that onced changed, everything become totally different, without recourse to new technologies, new materials, new colors or new shapes.

In 1998, that unique element was identified as THE SPACE BETWEEN OBJECTS, an indirect result of objects geometry. At the time, world architecture began twisting, melting objects geomtery in order to find the different. Architecture already went trough a Renaissance and then through new functions set that almost exhausted once again the ways to design Objects. 

In 2000 graduate architecture with SPACE IN ARCHITECTURE diploma thesis and his first CONCAVE composition. The facts was that in architecture DESIGNING FIRST THE SPACE BETWEEN BUILDINGS was only a desideratum.