Cristian ONEATA

Living & Working


PROGRAM: Living & Working


SIZE: 1.400 sqm

STATUS: Aproved, Builders Tender

Polyfunctional in third millenium architecture means efficient resource management.

We all spend time and energy in order to meet everyday needs. Living, working, and moreover, shopping or socializing within the same building saves time and energy otherwise spent between different locations.

In the near future, thanks to the continuous growth of communication technologies, more and more professional activities will be able to function in independent, isolate locations, much like freelance activities nowadays.

It is exactly the proposal of Agricultori 136A building. Small office units, private practices, studios, located on the 1st and 2nd floors, are designed as property units common to the upper levels appartments. And since our daily life is not just about work, the functional structure that we suggest is made complete by a commercial express unit and an intimate caffé-restaurant with a garden terrace. 

The concept offers support both to those who seek to reduce car addiction and to those who are starting to prefer “the silence” of the electrical propulsion to the “noise” of the internal combustion engine. Thus, each parking space is equipped with a power supply. 

In addition, within a 5 minutes walk range there are all the electrical mass transportation vehicles: tram, electrical bus or subway.